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Posted By Claire on June 24, 2013

Hello Visitor,

This is a quick, but very important post so please take the time to read it and to get in touch if you need anything clarifying.

As you know, you’ve been a member of the Anne Boleyn Fellowship website for a while now, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed your time on the site. Unfortunately the use of the fellowship has not taken off as much as we had wanted. Claire really enjoys the webinars and I really enjoy putting together the magazine, but the members have not been interacting as much as we originally planned and Claire is struggling with preparing for it all along with writing her new books and keeping the main ABF site going.

Therefore we’ve taken the major decision to stop taking on new members, and to make tonight’s webinar and this month’s magazine the last ones. We know that you’ll still want to access the exclusive information on the members site , particularly as there are nearly two years of webinars, magazines and articles on there. Therefore we have taken the decision to keep the members website up-and-running so that you can still log in and get to everything that is there.

In brief:

  • The webinar on the 21 June 2013 was the last live webinar
  • There will be ONE MORE magazine … due out this week
  • You will still have access to the members site for at least one year from today
  • There will be NO MORE subscription payments taken from your Paypal account

If you feel that you are due a refund of some of your membership fee, please do email me,, and I’ll get that sorted out for you.


We’re sorry that the Fellowship has not grown in the direction that we had originally planned, but please rest assured that we’re still here and we’re still busy researching everything there is to know about Anne Boleyn and the Tudors.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Tim and Claire Ridgway.

p.s. if a payment is inadvertently taken out from your Paypal for another year’s membership, we’ll refund you as soon as we spot it or you let us know. Please log into your Paypal account and stop any subscription to us from your end and this should not happen.

p.p.s. please rest assured that you’ll still be able to access the exclusive information on the members site for at least a year without any more payments from you.


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  1. Katherine Wilhelm says:

    Thank you so much for your efforts with this site! I enjoyed it very much, but, probably like a lot of other members, I was only able to get on the website as my time allowed. With work and being a fairly new grandmother (Charlie Is 2), I haven’t had much time for too much else. However, I still enjoyed checking out the magazines and other special items.

    Again, thanks for the time and effort you spend on this site and the information in provided!

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